Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricanes and When Mac Met Cheese

I'm stuck in London until Saturday but for once the only place I want to be is New York.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy I have only been able to sit by and watch CNN from over 3,000 miles away. Instead of flying home today I can only imagine being with my family in my house on Long Island. At this point, after emerging from my cocoon, I'd definitely be in my pajamas making a box of mac and cheese.

I've said a million times that mac and cheese is my favorite food. I can always tell you when I have last consumed it: last thursday I had a batch from When Mac Met Cheese, a new stand in the Camden Market in London. They offer three types and I went with their homage to Mexican flavor: Carlos the Cactus with cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and jalapenos. I chose to add chopped up rocket and cherry tomatoes, and a middle aged hipster made my portion to order. Anyone who has eaten in the Camden Market can tell you that most all of the food there induces bowel misery, but I'm here to tell you that a safe and tasty option does now exist. The dish wasn't perfect. The macaroni was too al dente, but when it's full of cheesy goodness and fresh flavors, you easily get past that.

Mac and cheese could be really easy to make in hurricane conditions because it can basically take anything you have in your fridge. (This is KEY for those of you who may have been like, 'Hurricane? Let's just get wine, chips and salsa.') Seriously, in the past I've made two minute microwave mac and cheese with leftover pasta, two Kraft singles and a bit of milk in a bowl. You don't have to be selective about ingredients. Singles, parmesan, shredded taco mix... the cheese drawer in your fridge is your oyster. (everyone has a cheese drawer right? No?) You're even bound to have some toppings to throw in there like broccoli or something else festering in the back of the fridge. Get creative! And if you're in Camden Market, spare yourself from the other stuff and go with When Mac Met Cheese.

When Mac Met Cheese: 10 West Yard, Camden Lock, London. When Mac Met Cheese on Urbanspoon


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