Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mission Chinese is hit or miss

So, seriously, what's up with Mission Chinese? Charlie and I hit it hard a few weeks ago and after hearing so much adulation and praise, I wanted to love it. BUT, my most lasting impression was really this:

Me: I kind of want to vomit that up and eat something else.
Charlie: Me too. 

... Followed by drowning our sorrows in alcohol at Bull McCabe's (where else?), a split Mamoun's falafel and two slices of pizza.

Did we just order wrong? We went with the Thrice Cooked Bacon with Shanghainese rice cakes which was actually delicious but really freakin' heavy, the original egg custard cup with salmon roe and citron which is no longer on the menu, and the Westlake Rice Porridge, now (but not then) served with the addition of braised beef. 

Seeing that two of the three items we chose and hated are now non-existant or changed, I guess we are not the only ones who found these choices vom-worthy. Charlie actually didn't mind the porridge but I found it bland and boring. He was just trying to be nice since I dragged him there and it sucked.

I don't care to take points off for the uber-hipster atmosphere and we didn't have the 3 hour wait that some people attest to but like, what am I missing here? People are obsessed, but I am disenchanted. This is fusion food, and it's meant to please. Is this a case of needing time to settle in and get things right after opening? I hope so. 

Mission Chinese Food: 154 Orchard St. between Rivington and Stanton 


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