Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hummus Bar and Bors GasztroBar in Budapeshhhht

Let's talk about study abroad. Americans love it for good reason. There's nothing better than a 5 month vacation in a "historical" playground that has alcohol that mom and dad are funding or you don't have to pay for until a few years later when you realize that your student loans are real. Many of you who studied abroad might join me in fond memories of running around cities like Prague and Amsterdam and taking photos of everything and putting cool filters on them and looking AWESOME on Facebook. You might also remember Bohemian Bagel in Prague and Bagels and Beans in Amsterdam. These spots are heaven for study abroaders in cute Euro outfits with new piercings. Each have a few locations, trendy menus and welcoming atmospheres. I got the same vibe last weekend at Hummus Bar in Budapest.

We were welcomed in with small glasses of hot tea, as were others who were just casing the joint without eating. So polite! Hummus Bar's large menu boasts lots of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacies. We went for a falafel pita to go. It was full to the brim with pickles, carrots, tahini, lettuce, tomatoes, yogurt sauce and tasty little falafels. Yum! We tried to go back to another location a day or two later, and were met with crowds and kind of rude/nonexistent service. We decided to go somewhere else. Anyway, Hummus Bar has that groovy Western vibe that youngsters look for and I imagine its success will not be short lived. They show sports, have fruit juices; this is what kids survive on!
Now let's talk about gastronomical hipsters. These people are born from a rejection of the status quo and stuff.  Bors GasztroBar is a sandwich shop on Kazinczy Utca, a street full of food and coffee joints and ruin bars like Szimpla Kert. It was kind of like any given street on the Lower East Side. (R.I.P.? I need to go check that out asap.) The culinary hipsters said: "No, we're not going to stand for shitty sandwiches in Budapest! Let's start our own trendy store on a trendy street." Tiny little Bors was packed when we walked past mid day one day so we went back on a Monday morning to grab sandwiches to bring on our flight later that night. They offer toasty baguettes, soups and pastas with interesting hipster ingredients like pork brain and duck liver.
Charlie went with the Hungarian Dream with paprika salami, tomato, peppers and smoked cheese, and I had the Makjy Way with duck lives, caramelized onion and mustard. The baguettes were grilled to perfection on all sides and it was really difficult for us to not dig in when they were handed over. It's all about will power though, people.
Look at that golden brown color. Perfection. Unfortunately when I ate the sandwich a few hours later it wasn't warm but I can imagine the bliss. The pate was creamy and there were even pears in with the onions! Pears! What a nice surprise. I don't think Charlie was crazy about his sandwich but I think if it was warm he would have been more enthusiastic. We each got a large which was 650 huf which is equal to like $3. (top maths.) Yeah. Can Bors get a midtown Manhattan location?

Blah it rained every day I was in Budapest. Typical of my life! So hard!

Hummus Bar: Look here for locations.

Bors: Kazinczy u. 10., Budapest, Hungary


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