Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hungarian Classics at Szatyor Bár és Galéria

Ahh. Szatyor was like our little go-to spot in Budapest, if you can have a go-to within just three days. Charlie and I were directed to this bar on our first night for drinks after dinner at Mangalica, and we entered to packed tables and a lively atmosphere. A friendly, English-speaking manager told us we sat on a reserved couch, but swiftly grabbed us from the bar as soon as a table was open. We drank Soproni for 490 HUF for a large. That's like $2.25 each. A couple at the table next to us were fascinated that we were speaking english and struck up a convo with us -- in this area of Budapest, tourists are few and far between. We left drunk to walk home in the rain. 

A few days later, when our search for good goulash and chicken paprika was becoming frustrating, we turned back to Szatyor in an act of desperation. We chose a small, window table with comfy chairs and didn't leave for like 2 hours.
We shared an order of Bean Goulash to start. I didn't expect it to have meat, but it was full of chunks of beef. This soupy version was hearty and rich with a deep paprika flavor. It was served with crusty bread instead of dumplings or noodles. Charlie tried a goulash the night before at M Restaurant that was bland and boring. Nuh-uhhh, not good. I did have some bangin' foie gras terrine there though, and piglet ribs! Random fact: Hungary is the world's second largest foie gras producer. 
Charlie ordered the Chicken Paprikash out from under me. A chicken thigh was covered in creamy paprika sauce, topped with sour cream and accompanied by airy little DUMPLINGS. Simple and delicious. This is a very traditional dish. They're obsessed with paprika in Hungary, and I kind of love it. 
I had Dumplings with Sheep's Milk Cheese and Ham Hocks. I already called this the "mac and cheese of Eastern Europe" on twitter. This was super heavy but super satisfying. Ham pieces were small but look at that topping of sour cream and paprika. Duh. Plus, look how perfect that antique looking dish is. It's so Hungarian-grandma-chic.

Eff yeah, Szatyor. You're so good!

Szatyor Bár és Galéria: 1111 Budapest, Bartók Bartok út 36


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