Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toast Monster is on my Radar

It's Thanksgiving week, so it's finally OK to stuff our faces unapologetically until we go into food comas. To start all of that off, Emily and I decided to go to the Toast Monster cart on Tuesday for an appetizer before we sobbed at our desks into our boring brought-lunches. (Mine was boring, not sure about hers.) This cart is a fairly new addition to the corner of 50th and 6th, and what I saw on the menu Tuesday morning really piqued my interest: Mac and Cheese sandwiches.

The cart boasts sandwiches made out of French toast, but the Mac and Cheese sandwich is made on thick slices of plain white bread. You can choose to add sloppy joe to the sandwich for $2, but when we got there around 2pm they were out of sloppy joe. We were offered tomato sauce and a fried egg as adornments instead. Fine. FYI, we split this. Withhold your judgment.

The cross section above is pretty serious. The rigatoni mac and cheese was piled between two layers of white shredded cheese. The sandwich melted open faced on the grill for about five minutes before getting topped with finishing touches and being closed up. The bread was grilled without butter until striped a light-golden brown. 

The sandwich was OK. It wasn't like 'OMG this is the best sandwich,' but it was a fair product. I dont know, the whole thing just wasn't as cheesy as I expected. We were upset about missing the sloppy joe, and the red sauce was really quite spicy. I think that took away from the cheesy-ness a bit. The egg was nice and a little runny.  I would give the cart another chance because I'd really like to try a french toast sandwich! I'd probably skip the mac and cheese though.

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