Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vege Favor: I Went There

I'mma break it down for you. If you're from the general Islip area, chances are you've seen Vege Favor on Main St. and been like, "WTF is Vege Favor and how do I treat it?" Then you heard it was vegetarian Chinese food but saw a meat filled menu and were like, "nuh-uh with that hippy tofu food." I must admit that when browsing the website out of fear months before opening, I developed a humorous outlook on the supposed chain restaurant. The site boasted great reviews after the to-be flagship store's June 2012 opening... when the store wasn't even open yet. That's funky. Also, what's with that spelling? What were they going for there? (I think they meant flavor, but you can draw your own conclusions.)

Emeline and I kicked apprehension out the door on Saturday after staking it out for a few weeks. We were welcomed by a clean, mod interior and a fast-food style counter adjoined by frozen yogurt machines. We took a few minutes to peruse the menu as the counter-girl stared at us, and each ordered the $6.99 combo that you see below. I went with the Spicy Tofu entree and she had General Tso's Chicken. Signs galore remind you that none of the meat comes from animals.
We took the food to go, and both left the place with positive outlooks and huge hopes and dreams. Everything seemed hot! We saw Asian dudes making the food to order behind the counter! Just $6.99! So far, so good. 

There were some winners and some losers on both trays. My spicy tofu was kind of just bland and not spicy, and had a very squishy consistency. I don't eat much tofu, so I don't know what I was expecting. I liked Em's mock-chicken tofu a lot better. It really tasted like chicken. I don't get it! She's a tofu-eater but didn't like my spicy tofu, so take her word for it. My Lomein was fine. It was kind of dry but with soy and duck sauce it was perfectly passable as a side. The fried pancake was a little greasy but also, fine. Basically, everything was just fine. The salads and the veggies in Em's entree were all really fresh and her General Tso's sauce was tasty. Overall losers were Em's hot and sour soup and my tofu.

I want to say I'd go back. I think I would give it a second chance in hopes that it doesn't go bust in 6 months (let's face it, that location doesn't have great success lately.) I want it to work. I really do! I think it's interesting that someone tried to bring a risky modern idea to life on our little cookie-cutter Main St. BUT, then I think to myself: if I want General Tso's chicken, I'll probably just go back to Bo Wah for the real thing instead of trying to fool myself into happiness with to-chicken. IDK. I'll force myself to go back I guess. I'd skip the combo and just get a main with some rice on the side and maybe try a smoothie. Check out their site, it's a laugh.

Vege Favor: 496 Main St., Islip, NY 11751. (631)-650-7788


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