Friday, January 4, 2013

Southampton's Clamman is Good for Lunch

Charlie and I decided to take a ride out to the Hamptons the other day to get a quick seafood lunch and some fresh air. Our destination was the village of Southampton and the Clamman fish market just outside of it. It's about an hour drive east from my house on Sunrise Highway, Route 27. Guess what happened on my way there: big old speeding ticket. Happy new year to me! Start it off January 2nd going the same speed as everyone else (76 to be exact) and get a huge fine just for living my life. I've never been pulled over before, but my tear ducts were rendered inactive by anger when the officer approached my window. Good thing lunch was cheap.

Only one thing could turn this day around for me: lobster. In bisque form and then in salad form in a wrap with lettuce and tomato. Charlie had a similar wrap with crab cake and remoulade. Clamman was a small store with no tables to eat at inside. Not sure if they put more tables out during the summer, but there was one just outside the front door. Too bad it was like 32 degrees out. Gross.

The lobster bisque came in one size for $5 and was very good. It had a nice, creamy thickness with a hint of sherry, and lots of meat chunks. Our sandwiches were nice too, although a little on the under-stuffed side. My lobster salad was mostly shredded meat in light mayo with some celery. The lettuce seemed fresh and tomato was whatever. Charlie's sandwich was the same except with fried crabcake and a tangy, peppery remoulade. 
Each came with coleslaw and a generous side of delicious homemade potato chips that were doused in Old Bay seasoning and salt. Pretty good deal for $12.95 and $9.95, respectively. I think you get more lobster salad for the same price or even cheaper at Flo's in Blue Point, but this wasn't a bad showing. I'll remember Clamman as a decent go-to for a reasonably priced lunch in the Hamptons area. Even though it will take me like two hours to get there from now on since I am newly a paranoid freak behind the wheel.

Clamman Seafood: 235A North Sea Road, Southampton, NY. (631) 283-6437


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