Monday, April 22, 2013

Wang Fu Dumplings in Hong Kong -- Just OK

On our last night in Hong Kong, after four full days of eating Asian food, Charlie and I were both craving the same thing: burgers. ANYTHING but Asian food. I researched a few burger places but let's face it, burgers aren't an Eastern specialty. We chose one on Wellington Street but said we'd browse the rest of the local options first before committing to Western sin, because I think we both felt a little guilty cheating on the Asians. We came across Wang Fu, which I'd read about on a few blogs. They're known for their dumplings, especially their interesting filling combo of egg and tomato. We persevered and found our second wind.

We ordered three kinds: tomato and egg, mutton and leek and the special of the day, prawn, pork and watercress. That is also exactly my order of preference that developed for them. The tomato and egg were really nice... delicate, flavorful and different. The skins were pretty thin but not the most impressive ever. The mutton and leek was also good. A little less flavorful but very juicy on the inside. The special of the day was pretty damn bland, in my opinion. Luckily, Charlie liked those ones so it worked out well. Mix some vinegar and dark soy sauce for dipping and bam, beautiful. 

Anyway, Wang Fu was pretty expensive; it was like USD $6 for 10 dumplings. In NYC at some places you get four dumplings for $1. So, you do the math. For just OK dumplings, not sure if I'd be back.

Wang Fu: 98-102 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong


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