Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chicken Treat is Semi-Appalling

In the vast world of the Western Australian desert, not many restaurants can survive off of the parched land. Which is why I can't really understand how Chicken Treat actually exists. Because it sucks.

When driving up towards the glowing chicken insignia, it may seem like an oasis in a world where the freshest meat is often the roadkill on the street. "It's fast food – it must at least taste good... It might be cheap, too... Regional fast food is exciting!" are phrases that have rolled off of many a tongue. Don't be deceived, though, like all those other poor souls (Charlie and I).
The above photo is my contribution to Hot-Dog Legs. Even though the burger packaging is surprisingly inviting – as far as fast food packaging goes – we kind of got a depressing vibe soon upon entering the store in Carnarvon. It was a vaguely similar feeling to when I walked into a White Castle in the Bronx instead of using the drive-thru and had to order through bullet proof glass. Let's just say this: if you're a human with the intelligence to use words like "appalling," you're probably never going to become a regular customer at Chicken Treat. 
I got the deluxe chicken burger which comes topped with cheese, tomato and lettuce. Frankly, all I remember is the flourescent, whippy white globs of mayo that squeezed out of every bite, and the distinct feeling of eating processed, reconstituted chicken. It was a decent size, though, and even if I was disgusted with myself and the world, I was full after eating it. Charlie got the bbq bacon chicken burger and it was just as bad. Had some sickly sweet bbq sauce. Weird. They were each, like, $9, too. Which is pretty standard for Australia fast food.
The fries were a mix of somewhat crunchy and soggy. Bland, grainy and starchy. Not to mention that ketchup was $.50 per packet. 

So, yeah, Chicken Treat. Not as good of an idea as it might seem during a drive through the desert. On a scale of what I'd rather eat, I think... well, I guess I'd just never go again. 

Chicken Treat: Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland 


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totally agree: chicken treat is bad, really bad food

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